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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Momentous Indeed

This week's Mennonite Weekly has a spot on Mennonites in the blogosphere. The Mennonite game has never been so fun. Jovial Scripts is featured, and this thus far reticent blogger is quoted in the opening paragraph. It's all very exciting. Seriously, though, the blogosphere as a mode of information sharing, idea generating and vision shining is only just being discovered by some very wonderful people everywhere. I concur with and congratulate Jared Penner on noting how egocentric this medium is and fully agree that February is an extraordinarily bad month to post material (due to the seasonal D word). All the same, I'm glad that that isn't stopping some great writing from getting out there. This mennonite has just gotten the boost he needed to start posting more seriously. Thanks, Mr. Rhodes!

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Tsunami Transmissions

My friend Ryan Schmidt has an absolutely beautiful blog describing his ongoing work in Aceh, Indonesia, helping to pick up the pieces. He's an incredible writer and catches the humanity of his subjects so much better than a camera snapshot. He also takes amazing camera snapshots.

Sunday, January 23, 2005

my first addition to my new blogroll

Introducing Dinner Table Donts, a fabulous blog by a fellow menno (from Abbotsford, no less!) about philosophy and culture. Go get 'em, Peter!

we don't all drive these

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seriously. come on, now.

what's a mennonite?

A Mennonite is an Anabaptist.

What's an Anabaptist?

And NO, we don't all drive frickin' buggies or traffic cocaine from Mexico!!!

Read on, if you dare...

and comment...

Saturday, January 22, 2005

mennonite blogging starts now

Mark this date as the first blog by said Mennonite. My name is Joel Wiens (observe authentically Mennonite last name, obvious to all Mennonites with a Dutch-Prussia-Russia background). The blogosphere is now Menno-positive! The radical reformation is now a part of the information revolution. Please forgive me the sensationalist hyperbole here - it's what I do when I'm nervous.